Sunday, May 9, 2010

Broken Mothers

This morning, I had to relieve one of my staff who had taken a client to the emergency room last night. Walking over to the entrance near the emergency room, I noticed a small alcove with a large safe-like door that had colorfully tiled wall of hands holding an infant. It was one of those “Safe Surrender” stations that women can bring their newborns instead of leaving them to die. On this day of recognizing mothers my heart just broke for the lives that have come to this spot. With tears in my eyes, I whispered a prayer for God to touch their hearts.


  1. "I whispered a prayer for God to touch their hearts." Barb, i join you in this prayer! Rita

  2. Oh Barb, this just broke my heart too. I cannot imagine...

  3. I never knew there were places such as "Safe Surrender" stations for a desperate mother who does not want her baby. Thanks for sharing.


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