Friday, May 14, 2010

Gnats and Flies in my Eyes

It began Tuesday afternoon following hours of computer work. First the floaters in my eyes were like pieces of strings, but then big black spots appeared. It made me think there were horse flies around me and I would swat them away.

I figured that probably because I wear contact lenses and rubbed my tired eyes, I may have gotten grit under them. When I went outside, my vision beheld a huge swarm of gnats. This was only in my right eye, but filled my entire view. I went home, removed the contact lenses and washed out the eye hoping that and rest would make it go away.

The next morning they were still there so I went to my eye doctor. Not good news. The flies and gnats floating around in my eyeball are blobs of blood. Because I am severely myopic (near-sighted) my eyes are unusually stretched and I am a high risk for detached retina. In this case, there was a tear in the retina, which broke off and is floating around in the eye fluid. The blood escaped because of an affected vein.

The doctor states that because the tear broke off, there is less chance of the entire retina detaching. I am to return on Tuesday to see a specialist. Then, they will decide on treatment.
Until then, I just deal with the floaters. At least they aren’t as intense as they were the first day. Now, it is just the gnats and a huge stringy glob at center of my vision field. Moving my eye around I can make them swim, much like those computer critters that follow the cursor!

The photo is a representation of what I am currently seeing

To be continued on Tuesday….


  1. Oh Barb! Praying for healing and wisdom!

  2. So sorry to hear of your eye problem. Praying for wisdom for you and the specialist on Tuesday.


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