Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Thunk–zing, Thunk-zing, Thunk- Zing were the sounds I heard….over and over and over, as the green laser beam penetrated my right eye. I have a torn hole in my retina and it needed to be repaired before it could cause full detachment and blindness

The retina is a layer of tissue in the back of the eye. It works like camera film in that it receives images formed by the lens of the eye and transmits the images to the brain via the optic nerve. If the retina pulls away (detaches) from the eye, it is like the camera lens cap is still on and no image is seen.(blindness)

Laser surgery, known as photocoagulation, is actually an argon laser beam of high-intensity light that is converted to heat. The heat then creates scar tissue to seal the tear

The laser did not really hurt but was uncomfortable. My eye was propped open and then dozens of green, bright flashes of light were blasted into the eye. I felt pressure like the eyeball was being pushed on. The lights hurt too, as the eye was dilated, and I am light sensitive anyway.

Tonight I still have a dull ache in the eye, similar to when the eyeball is pushed back into the socket. I still have floaters, but the doctor reports they will eventually be absorbed into the body.

I will always be at high risk for detached retina due to my overly-elongated eye, as a result of being near-sighted. (Myopic) I just need to be aware of the symptoms and know to obtain medical help as soon as possible.

I thank God it was treatable and that blindness has not occurred!

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