Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where is MY Country?

At my place of employment, I work with people of different nationalities, and I really enjoy learning about their cultures. I have feasted on foods from Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt, and have been the recipient of little souvenirs upon their return from extended vacations. Often, when referring to their home land, these folks will say…”In my Country…” I sometimes wonder, if that place is “their country” why are they are living in America?

Today is another birthday celebration for the United States of America in which people suddenly become patriotic and aware of this beautiful nation. I was born in New York and raised in California, but the USA is really not my country. Yes, I am living in America, but this is not my real home; “My Country” is a beautiful place called Heaven!

Parades, picnics, parties, red, white and blue colors and fireworks symbolize American Patriotism, but what is being Patriotic for Heaven? Any ideas?