Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Angels for a Single Woman

Life was hard, my job was hard, and being alone in life was very hard. Then the year I turned 38, my niece, Stephanie, came to live with me. Life got even harder, but it was different than before. My lonely existence seemed to have meaning, and I considered this young girl an angel in disguise!

Stephanie was eleven years old that first Christmas; a few months after she came to live with me. One morning, I was preparing her breakfast when the carol “Silent Night” played on the radio. Tears came to my eyes as the song took on a whole new meaning. The line “Round yon Virgin Mother and Child…” brought goose bumps to my body. I’d never married or had kids of my own, yet felt blessed to now have my own child to care for and who needed me. Because Stephanie loved angels, beginning that first year, I gave Stephanie an angel ornament as a new tradition

When my beloved niece had her first daughter, she’d had left a disastrous marriage and so was back living with me. Browsing in the store, waiting for the birth photos to develop, I came across a very special angel for her. It was Christmas time, and the stores were filled with lovely angel displays. I found this one special doll that had blue eyes, curly golden hair, and white dress with feathery wings to match. The angel’s hands were clasped as if in prayer. When her hand was touched, the wings would gradually shift colors and she sang “Silent Night” in a sweet childlike voice.

Stephanie and Samantha lived with me for two more Christmases, and each year, we brought out the angel doll. Even as an infant, and into toddlerhood, Sammi was enchanted with it and would drape garland beads around the angel body and entwine it onto my head! When Stefanie re-married and moved away, the doll went with them.

The Christmas Season Samantha turned four a new baby sister was coming. Stephanie had decorated early for Christmas, knowing she would not be up to it after giving birth to her newest little angel. Stephanie had placed the angel doll up high so Sammi would not keep playing the song, for it could get annoying, I stayed with Sammi when her parents went to the hospital.

The night the new baby was born we brought down the singing angel. Samantha wanted all the lights off, except for the ones on the Christmas tree. With the angel doll proudly displayed near the tree, Sammi kept playing it over and over and over. It was not annoying; it was magical! The wings turned blue, and green and red as she sang Silent Night. Again, I felt the tears well up. God had so blessed me with Stephanie, and then Samantha.

This Christmas Season, Sammi is now five, and Lily is one year. Another little girl blessing arrived last week. I am visiting this year for Christmas and am surrounded by new life and hope.

Four precious girls have been added to my single life, and although they are far away in distance, they will always be close at heart. Because of the birth of the Holy Infant on that silent night so long ago; I have my girls-my special angels.