Tuesday, June 21, 2011


“Awww, How cute!”
“Look at this one, Barbie!”

Stephanie peered into the cluster of cages, oohing and aahing at the cats inside. Felines of every age and color played, slept or eyed us with expressions of hope. My fifteen year old niece and I were at PetSmart, looking for a kitten through the “Cats In Need Of Human Care” adoption program.

 The date was June 28, 1998, and I had promised Stephanie that she could have a cat, after recently moving into an apartment that allowed pets.

 Five years earlier, when Stephanie came to live with me, I resided in a place that did not allow pets. We then needed to move to the city where my parents lived, because they took Stephanie to high school each day, as I had to be at work at 6:30 AM. I was using their address because I lived 25 miles away in another district. Now, the school would no longer allow out of district attendance, so we needed to move.

Round and round we went, looking at the adorable critters and wishing we could take them all. Stephanie came across this one petite cat, who took to her fancy. This was the one! As we filled out the adoption papers, the three women working the event cooed “Oh, Emma!”

Fifteen week old Emma was dark grey with stripes and had a very long tail that appeared to have rings down its length. The story was told that Emma had previously been adopted, but then returned for an unknown unreason. That story clinched it for Stephanie, as she could relate because her own mother gave her away.


I had dogs as a child and had yet to know a cat, 
I immediatly  became  smitten with Emma.

She was Stephanie’s cat but that little ball of fur often slept on my bed and I think she liked me better!   She had this toy that was a stuffed fish on the end of a string and when Emma heard me awake, she would come running and sit down next to the toy; ready to play.
Emma loved to play keep away.  Stephanie and I sat at opposite ends of the short hallway and tossed a toy back and forth till that little kitten collapsed in exhaustion.

Our most favorite Emma memory is that she was in the kitchen window waiting for us whenever we returned home. When we moved again, there was no window for her to watch for us. We missed that. But Emma found another sport: fly catching. You see, we lived in dairy country, and it was inevitable that the insects would break into the house, but Emma became a pro at eradicating the pests!

Emma had attitude from the day we brought her home and it grew as she grew! Though mellowed with age, there is still some kitten and a lot of attitude in her. When Emma was two, another feline joined the household and she was not impressed. (Another story)
Her attitude increased tenfold, and she and Dusty do not get along. He is twice her size, but she intimadated him when he was a tiny kitten, so they just tolerate each other.

Stephanie has grown, and moved on with a family of her own, but Emma remains. (So does Dusty) Now age thirteen, she has some hearing and vision loss, but remains the Queen of the house! Each day when I arrive home, she must sense the garage door opening, for she is at the door when I come in and we sit and cuddle awhile. That is, until she says she’s done!

I am grateful to have met this little kitty for she has brought a lot of joy and pleasure into my life. I will enjoy and appreciate Emma for as long as I can!


  1. Awwww - LOVE kitties. They sure know how to wiggle their ways into your hearts. Emma looks darling!

  2. You've made me fall in love with this cat--which is no easy feat:).

  3. Aw... what a sweet kitty! I'm more of a dog person, since my husband is allergic to cats (read: dislikes to the point he can't breathe around them) but I always had a cat around. They have such personality!

  4. AWwwww, I love Emma. It's so good to have a pet on home to love and being love by. Thanks for sharing, Barbara:)

  5. Awwww...what a great post! We're more "doggy people", but have had and do enjoy cats, too. Emma sounds great!

  6. I've had a cat or two around all my life. Love 'em! Nothing like a purring warm hug.

  7. My aunts and my grandma are/were huge kitty lovers, so this post puts me right back on the farm. (And one of the aunts' names is Emma.) :)

    Happy summer!

  8. There's just something special about the relationship between a cat and its owner. I love my little dogs, but there seems to be a place in the heart (humanly speaking) that only a kitten can fill. Emma is fortunate to have you, Barb. Every cat should be so lucky. Thanks for sharing her with us.

    God Bless.

  9. What a wonderful cat! Loved reading about her! =] I wish I could have a cat in the house.


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