Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not willing to quit

My name is Barbara and I am an addict. I’m addicted to
 Diet Coke.

That icy cold effervescent liquid feels so good going down my constantly-irritated-throat-due-to-post-nasal-drip, and it is the only beverage that quenches my thirst.
 I don’t like coffee and so get my  caffeine jolt from the soda.       

I believe this penchant for diet soda began as a young teen. On occasion, my Mom would treat my brother and me to a large bottle of Diet Rite Cola. (I was overweight, but Mom and Doug were not.) With anticipation, I waited while Doug walked to the corner market to buy the magical concoction. Oh what pleasure those drinks brought to my life!

I used to drink Diet Pepsi till one day I took the Pepsi Challenge at the Fair when an exhibitor was promoting Pepsi over Coke. They had two unlabeled bottles of the beverage and in-between sips, saltine crackers were eaten. I chose the Diet Coke! Been a convert ever since.

Truthfully, I don’t remember needing the soda so much till I was in my twenties. It all started because I thought the drink would fill my stomach so that I would eat less and therefore lose weight. So naturally I drank Diet Coke with chips and other non-dietetic foods.
I did not drink that much, but eventually a once- a- day 42-ouncer turned into a twice a day habit. But that was thwarted when I spilled filled cups of soda in my car. When I bought a new car, cardboard containers of soda were banned. I promoted to bottles. I consumed thirty-two ounce bottles three to four times daily.

I’m trying to reduce my consumption, but have no intention of giving up the stuff. I am down to about two liters or less per day. I realize that that I should drink more water and that the chemicals in the brew are not that healthy, but you know what? I don’t care!

Let me have my Diet Coke and I will be okay.


  1. Hehe - too funny! It IS good stuff, as far as soda goes (I'm not much of a pop drinker). Life's little indulgences :)

  2. Love it! The post and Diet Coke! I remember the day you set aside your ban, and we drink Diet Coke in your new car--now that's a true friend! Huge HUgs! Fantastic "D" post!

  3. LOL...cute! I think we probably all have some food or drink we have no intention of giving up. Thanks for sharing an enjoyable post about yours! :-)

  4. I love Diet Coke, too! Pour it (well, that and the coffee) and back away slooooowwwwwllyy...

    Waving and smiling,


  5. HA! I can only imagine the look on the face of the guy at the Pepsi Challenge. "This was not supposed to go this way..."

    Enjoy your Diet Coke!

  6. I don't like diet colddrinks very much, but I DO like Coke!! Ok, I LOVE Coke! There's nothing more refreshing, and it goes with any kind of meal.

    (Popping over on the a2z hop)

  7. I have to admit I can't stand the taste of the fake sugars they use in diet stuff, ug! But I have my own sugary indulgences, hehe.

  8. Yes, there's nothing quite like the irony of purchasing a Snickers bar and a diet soda at the same time... *grin*
    I can do diet Coke, but prefer diet Dr. Pepper. Or, in a pinch, diet Pepsi.

  9. I'm on a medicine that makes me abhor pop now, something you would not understand I'm sure. lol. I'm happy with lots and lots of water and 2 lattes:) But Barb, my dear, all that pop is BAD for you, but I'll refrain from saying anything more. sigh...

  10. I'm a diet-pepper gal myself, buy you and my sister could have a great Diet Coke binge together:)
    Confession is always good for the soul - glad we could be here for you LOL.

    Fun post!


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