Monday, August 29, 2011

Oceans of Fun

In case you haven’t noticed, I really love the ocean! Currently, I live about 50 miles inland from the nearest beach, and don’t get there too often, but my heart is still on the shore! I even decorated part of my condo in a beach cottage theme.  

My blog this week is another pictorial journey, but this time, a voyage to the various beaches where I’ve had memorable experiences. (You will note that the photos of me span many years and various body sizes.)

We’ll start off with a visit to the Atlantic Ocean when I was on a Caribbean cruise with three other single women. We snorkeled in the Virgin Islands and it was awesome!  Even with my limited vision without eyeglasses, I was able to make out what were fish and what were plants!

Another event during the cruise was shopping at the straw market in Nassau, Bahamas. I still recall hearing the little girl call out "Two for dollar" as she held out seed necklaces on her wrists. I cannot resist a child, so I bought two!

             Now, sail away to the Pacific Ocean, where I’ve had two different excursions to Hawaii.

The first visit, I snorkeled in Hanama Bay, in Oahu. We would bring frozen peas and toss them across the water and create a fish feeding frenzy           

I am seen here “climbing” a coconut tree. Actually, when I was visiting friends that lived in Honolulu, this was their front yard and I was standing on a brick wall.

In this photo, I’m flirting with the natives. Well…actually, they were actors from the Polynesian Cultural Show…but they still were hotties!


Several years later, I went to Kauai with a friend and stayed in her time share condo. Kayaking was the highlighted activity of that trip. Another adventure I attempted was swinging from a vine in the jungle and landing into a salt-water pond!

Now we travel to Northern California where I am walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The fog was rolling in and it was rather scary to look out over the bridge.

Cruising down to Central California, I am seen canoeing at Morro Bay, and riding a mountain bike in the wavelets of Pismo Beach! What a thrill!

Now down in Southern California, to our local Orange County Beaches. Here, I am with a friend and we are parasailing at New Port Beach. So fun! My friend was a cute, skinny blond, and the boat skippers enjoyed dunking her in the water as they reeled in. I was so pleased when they did the same thing for me!

This fun photo was taken last year at Balboa Beach, and I’m riding the Ferris wheel with my then 4 year old great niece. It was her first time on a Ferris wheel and she loved it!

One of my favorite memories is this one, of when my niece was ten and had just come to live with me. We went to Huntington Beach and pretended to be old fashioned Victorian Ladies like in the impressionist paintings.

Finally, my most recent ocean photo is when my friend, Dr. Rita, and I lunched at my most favorite place- Laguna Beach. This is the coolest beach where there are tide pools to explore. When the tide is high, the rocks are covered.  We dined at a delightful outdoor resturant that sits up on a cliff and there's an incredible view of the ocean and a big strip of coastline. There are also numerous artisan shops surrounding the resturant.

 There have been other ocean-related activities that I've participated in over the years, but these are the places that were the most fun. Now, I need to go and make some more memories!


  1. My grandma used to take us to Balboa Beach every summer - you couldn't get me away from those ski-ball machines!!!

    AND, hubby and I had our "mini-honeymoon" at Morro Bay. Beautiful.

    Lovely memories - and pictures!

  2. I especially love the "Victorian ladies" pictures. Enjoyed them all. I love the beach, too. We live about twice as far as you from it, but my parents have a time share so we go there a couple times a year.

  3. Beautiful!! Living here, surrounded by corn fields, the ocean is very far away. Your pictures brought it right to my home. :)

  4. Jo, didn't you just love Balboa Beach amusement park? Sadly, they've recently lost the carousel and possibly the other attractions. The Ferris wheel remains.

    Morro Bay is so fun! What a lovely place for a honeymoon!

    Amy, the Victorian ladies was a special time for me and the story behind the photo was my very first blog entry.

    Rhonda,glad I could provide a virtual trip to see ocean! I know I would miss it if I lived in another state.

  5. I looove the ocean! Thanks for including our day in Laguna, I enjoyed it!!

  6. Lovely, Barb! What fun cruising through the years with you at such varied ocean settings. Lots of lovely beaches and special experiences, but I'm with Amy--my favorite of the photos has to be you and your niece as Victorian ladies! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I like to look at the ocean and walk next to it. Not so in love with getting into it.

  8. My first experience with the ocean was as a toddler at Virginia Beach. All I remember was being very cold!
    Since then I've learned to love the ocean, the Atlantic coast in particular. *sigh* Wish I could get there more often, landlocked as we are in Colorado!

  9. Wow Barb! You've had awesome adventures! Thank you for sharing:)

  10. You sure have traveled! The Huntington picture of you and your niece is it. Huntington beach has one of my. favorite restaurants, Sparks.

  11. Oh Barb! You've done so much!! Kayaking, parasailing. Wow. You're an adventurer!! =]


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