Monday, October 31, 2011

Her Safari Blog Tour

     Final  Stop
  Her Safari!
What a trip we've had!

We started out  in Southern California with Rita Garcia

 And then went to Oregon with Shelley Ledfors

We trekked east across a few states to Michigan with Karlene Jacobsen

But then we back-tracked to Oregon with Amy MichelleWiley

We then went up to Washington with Marita Thelander

 But then we went back to Michigan with Joanne Sher

We delighted in the Southern Hospitality of Georgia with Catrina Bradley

 But again, we back-tracked to Missouri with Rachel Phelps

And here, we repeated a stop in Michigan with Kim Russell

Then we went all the way up to Maine with Yvonne Blake

Another back-tracking to Ohio with Dee Yoder

Then we went all the way into Canada with Diana Dart

And finally, ended up back here in sunny Southern California with me- Barbara Lynn Culler


You need to buy this book, because Lisa has gone broke paying for all the gas that the bus used cris-crossing the country like that!

Well, actually, Lisa has partnered with Heart of God International Ministries, so that they’ll receive the proceeds from books bought on their behalf. If you wish to benefit HGIM with your purchase, there’s a special button on the publishers site at check out (HGIM).

To purchase Her Safari, click here.

 Remember to check out the fabulous gift basket available:

This lovely gift set includes a copy of Her Safari, two bookmarks, a signed author postcard, ink pen, and a beautiful 20" red scarf as mentioned in the title storysymbolic for allowing God to take care of needs not met here on earth, and as a marker to lead us home to Him. A surprise gift, not featured in the photo, is included with our compliments! (This gift set will not come as assembled.)

Because that scarf is so symbolic, our finale is to give away one red scarf in a random selection drawn from comments to this post!

Will it be you?


  1. Her Safari blog tour has been an amazing!

    Barb, I love the way you brought it all together, how fun!

    Thanks to everyone who participated for making it a grand adventure!

  2. Barb, I love the re-cap of the bus tour for Lisa's book. I think the bus got better virtual MPG than it does for real. Good thing the way we zig-zagged across the country and even into Canada.

    It's been an awesome journey, everyone. Perhaps we can do it again sometime. :)

  3. What great fun!

    (When I read this quickly, I thought it said that the gift -scarf- would come un-assembled ... WHAT?!)

  4. You had me giggling, and wondering who in the world planned this bus trip?? Triple-A would have done up a nice trip-tick for Lisa, and she could have saved boocoo dinnero on gas.

    It's been a blast on the bus, but all that latte has me bouncing off the windows about now.

    PS: BUY THIS BOOK! I can't recommend it highly enough.


  5. Sure wish the tour was for real:( Would be awesome, wouldn't it? Love the scarf idea! <3

  6. Thanks for listing out the tour--made me tired just reading it.
    Was a fun time!

  7. Thanks, Rita and Miss Barbie and everyone who participated!

    You all are the bestest!!!

  8. What a fun tour, let's do it for real someday Laury. All decked out in our red scarves, criss-crossing the country with Les behind the wheel. What a blast.

    I'm with Cat. Buy this book.

    And cool blog Miss Barbie! My first visit here :)


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