Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warsaw: Village of my birth

Warsaw, New York, is a lovely rural town located between Buffalo and Rochester, and I proudly admit that it is my place of birth, as well as my mom's!
My family moved to California when I was 3 1/2 and though I've been back to visit my grandma, I've not been back since  before her death in 1984. However,  I will always appreciate it's historical and natural beauty. Here is a link to the village's website, and there is a short write-up regarding Warsaw's colorful history     


The Village Library. Mom spent hours
 here when she was growing up!

The Baptist church that my parents attended

House that my cousins grew up in

Rolling roads and dairy farms abound!

An abandoned train depot

The Civil War monument- puts Warsaw on the historical registry
My grandma spent the remainder of her healthy life 
living in an over -the -store -apartment on the rght  of this photo


  1. Barbara! That is beautiful town. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  2. Neat that both you and your mom were born there. Hope you CAN go back soon.

  3. I love back East. So much history! Unlike the western half of the country... if we can track back 100 years we're doing really well!

  4. What a charming, picturesque town! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. What a unique town! I would love to visit Warsaw!

  6. I have enjoyed how you have been using these meme's to bring your history out. Patty's memes have been fun...our travel schedule just put me too far behind and now I'll participate by reading some your posts. I hope your have a wonderful visit with your girls this next week!

  7. I love how small this world is! I worked in Warsaw for several months. It's amazing to think that I could meet someone on the internet who lives 3000 miles away and find we are connected not only by similar hearts but by a small country town. I love the pictures! The roads are now paved more and there might be more houses but it still looks pretty much the same. I concur with Joanne and think you should come back (of course with a pit stop in Dansville)


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