Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Y is for YOUTHFUL!

I just experienced several days spent with little girls ages 1,2 and 6, and it was both exhausting and exhilarating.

My little grandnieces came for a visit and I so enjoyed seeing their reactions to all the wondrous things we did over the past week. My brain joined them in their youthful energy, but my body  was not so  cooperative.

At Disneyland, I took Sammi,who will be 6 in December, on her first rollercoaster ride. It was a kiddie coaster but she loved it. So did I!

We then went on Thunder Mountain- a much faster and sharper ride and she loved it-twice! We did not get a photo of the coaster, so this pic is from the internet.

Our final roller coaster adventure was on Space Mountain. That little girl was beside herself with joy from this ride. So was this big girl! This photo is also from the internet.                            

I also joined Sammi in a Rocket ship ride the circled around and around. I was not so thrilled with that one. I was cramped into the car and forgot that I did not like circling round and round. Then I had a hard time unfolding myself and exiting the ride. It was not a graceful sight!


On the boat for a whale-watch, Sammi  (and me) was so excited! The water was choppy and when a wave came, the boat went up and then smacked down. It was like a roller coaster on the ocean! Of course, seeing  a pod of dolphin and juvenile blue whales was pretty  awesome  too!      
                                                                                                                                                                    Because the ride was so bumpy, I lost balance and fell hard on my knee, with Sammi on top of me. Several people were sea sick, and I was rushing Sammi away from a woman who needed the rail, and that's when I fell. I have a large bruise and abrasion and several smaller bruises on the other leg.

Lily will be two next month and is full of energy and wonder at everything she sees. She is just now beginning to say words, but  the word "WOW" was frequently heard through-out all our adventures. (Mama has been working with her for signing, to help communicate wants and needs)

Lucy will be 1 next month, and is a very moody daddy's girl. She did not warm up to me 'til the last day, and only if daddy was in her view. Still, she is a very sweet baby!  She's the happiest when eating or in Daddy's arms!
Yesterday, they all returned to their home in Colorado and I miss them. Yet, I'm tired! Within 5 days, we did Disneyland, Aquarium of the Pacific, whale watching, went to two large malls, church, and eating out - a lot. (Oh my diet...)
Sammi did not get to have her sleep-over with me because she had been naughty too many times.

Now, I'm back to work and struggling to get caught up on all the work that was neglected during the time I was off. I'm still tired!     

                                    Why is it that our brains can be youthful, but not our bodies?


  1. I'm so happy for you! Looks like a great time was had by all. I think your body will be remembering it for awhile too. Hope you heal up fast. <3

  2. FUN post!
    "Why is it that our brains can be youthful, but not our bodies?"
    I've asked myself that question a lot recently.

    Love the pixs!

  3. What darling babies!
    I am just beginning to really understand what was meant by the statement "youth is wasted on the young"!
    May your youth be renewed like the eagle's!

  4. Your pictures of the little ones...beautiful! You really did a good job with them. Sounds like a fun, yet tiring time. Hope you don't have any lingering affects from your fall.

  5. Sounds sooo fun! I love Disneyland! Sweet photos of your grandkids!

  6. I especially love the picture of you and the little one on the roller coaster. So much fun! I hope your body recovers quickly from everything. I got stuck with an old body long before my time, so I understand how hard it can be to keep up with the little ones.


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