Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Cookies: Past and Present

This week's theme with Patty Wysong's Meme is    A Baking Memory 
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I was thirteen at Christmas, 1968, and Mom had been very ill with the Hong Kong flu. To cheer her up, I decided to make the delicious molasses cookies from the recipe in our well-worn Betty Crocker Cookbook. I doubled the batch so that we would have plenty of the  Christmas shaped cookies, but when we went to eat them they were very dry. It  was determined that I'd failed to double the amount of molasses! 
We ate them anyway.


My favorite cookie recipe is for ETHEL'S SUGAR COOKIES, which is also found in my Betty Crocker cookbook. These cookies are  adaptable and can be rolled into any shape for any season or event.

For  Christmas, I use cookie cutters to create stars, bells, wreaths, and trees, then frost with colored icing. A dusting of candy sprinkles adds to the appeal of these cookies, but they are still yummy unadorned!

            Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie?


  1. I love a great sugar cookie! Yum!
    What a sweet story! Dry or not I'm sure your family enjoyed your Molasses cookies. Reading your blog is always a special treat!

  2. I do have one, we named them Sandra's fabulous Strawberry Cookie after the person who always made them. Now that they have Gluten free rice krispees I can make them this year!

  3. Hmm, I don't think Ethel's cookies are in my Betty Crocker!

    I've been sharing my favorite Christmas cookies for a couple of weeks now. It's giving me an excuse to keep making more: "Oh, I have to bake them and take their photo for the blog."

    My hubby isn't arguing.

  4. Okay, we;re going to have to try Ethel's Sugar Cookies. That's one kind of cookie I've never made and I love them. =] Thanks for sharing the recipe with us!! =]


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