Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Handcrafting Childhood Memories

This week's theme with Patty Wysong's  Holiday Meme is Christmas Decorations. Click below for more stories or to join in on the fun!     http://www.pattywysong.com/2011/11/jollydaze-4-n-me-meme.html

Did you  ever make a  tissue paper wreath? I remember creating my first one when I was a Brownie Girl Scout, and have made several over the years. 
A wire coat hanger is bent  to form an oval, then pre-cut strips of tissue paper are twisted around the hanger. 
  For extra embellishment, different colors of tissue or baubles can be added to the completed wreath. The hook part of the hanger functions as the hanger-of course!
 It is tedious and time-consuming, but easy enough for even the most uncrafty person to make. I've made them with clear plastic, but they're not as pretty as the one made with green tissue paper.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Another oldie craft I remember making when I was a kid was  a Christmas tree formed from folding over a Reader's Digest magazine or phone book.  Each page was folded partway down from the top leaving the bottom space as the base of the tree. When all pages were completed, the book was fanned out  and stapled together. A coating of spray paint in green, red or gold and a sprinkling of glitter made the folded pages resemble a Christmas tree!

 I don't recall making gingerbread houses as a child, but I did get the opportunity to assist in decorating one when my grand-niece, Sammi, was 4 years old. I stayed with her in December of  2009 when her mother, Stephanie, was going in to have her second daughter.  Stephanie had planned ahead, and purchased a pre-made gingerbread kit. On the morning  of  December 3rd, after mom and dad left for the hospital, we cleared the kitchen table and began our project.
We placed the candy decorations in dishes, and I assisted Sammi in  making  the frosting and putting it in the tube.  I let her do all the piping of the frosting and she had a ball!  (I know her mama would have freaked out at the mess we were making, but oh well it was cleaned up!) Sammi did the placement of the gumdrops and candy balls too. She was quite pleased with her creation! 


I'm not sure if Sammi recalls making the gingerbread house, but I will always cherish the precious memory of that morning.

            The stores are full of beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations, but for me, handmade ones seem the most memorable. What are some of your favorite handcrafted Christmas decorations?


  1. I remember making a tree from an old magazine! (Easy and fun!)

  2. OH OH OH! I remember my grandmother making trees from the readers digest!!! Thanks for the flood of memories.

  3. Hi Barbara! Those are some fun ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Barb, what fun suggestion for Christmas crafts. Love the story of you Sammi making a gingerbread house, it doesn't get any more precious than that! I love her smile! Hugs!

  5. Barb, what a wonderful memory!! and I loved the pictures! =] Such fun!! =]


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