Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Norman Rockwell event is a myth

Why is it that we have a tendency to deceive ourselves by romanticizing an event? Have we not yet learned that stuff like that rarely, if ever, happens as we imagine?

Christmas was a prime example for me when I visited family in Colorado. I had visions of a warm crackling fireplace while excited children tore into their festively wrapped presents, and the adults delighting in watching the scene. I had images in mind that my role in this snow-globe-like scene would be wanted and appreciated. Instead, I was a fatigued by-stander, left to clean up the mess. I should have known better. There was no fire, no snow, no special breakfast, and no fun. It was just an occasion to endure.

Preceded by and following the Christmas disillusionment was disenchantment with my job. I was questioning myself on why I had thought this was the perfect job.

Life is full of disappointments, self-made, or not, but it also has its’ moments of unexpected surprises. I’ve been cleaning out closets and drawers as part of my New Year’s resolution to down-size, when I came across something I had forgotten about. It was a special wind chime on a base that a friend had given me when I bought my townhouse. It has a mechanism that periodically fans the air to cause the chimes to move. The tinkling sounds remind me of the good times we had together.

Even when disappointing reality knocks us off course, it’s good to know that God loves us, wants us, and appreciates us, no matter what mirages we dream up.

However, one thing that I am certain we can romanticize our image of is what Heaven will be like and we will not be disappointed. Even if we are wrong in our visions, it won’t matter!