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When you hear the the word COMPOSITION-what comes to mind?  For writers, you probably think of an essay or article. For musicians, you may think of  written music and the scores written by early composers. For painters, it could be a work of art.
  definitions of composition include:
  1. The act of combining parts or elements to form a whole.
  2. The resulting state or product.
  3. Manner of being composed; structure 
  4. Makeup; constitution 
  5. An aggregate material formed from two ormore   substances: a composition of silver and tin.
I want to focus on the first definition of combining parts or elements to form a whole. 

In writing, you chose a topic, and theme or purpose, followed by the structural elements of the introduction, body, summary and conclusion.

Some of the elements used in musical compositions include the structure of musical notation, running theme and use of instruments.

Painting composition consists of the focal point, balance, spacing, shapes, tonal values, dominant color theme

 Since I'm studying on-line photography my  current focus is on Photographic composition. Some guidelines include:
  •  Pick a subject- What are you trying to convey? Subject should be the focal point
  •  Decide on orientation-Landscape or portrait
  •  Fill the frame- get in close
  • Rule of thirds- subject not centered in the photo
  • Find the balance- symmetry or asymmetrical
  • Point of view-angle that the photo is taken from

In the photo above, my subject was the entire lamp. I was practicing on using different types of lighting and points of view.
                 The orientation had to be portrait due to the lamp's  height.

This photo's point of view has the focus on the fairy on the swing. The branches were included as points of reference or grounding.   

                     The stained-glass lampshade is the focus in the photo below                                                                                        

In this photo I added another item to the scene- a Lucky Bamboo plant. I like the other-worldly feel it brings to the composition. Note the change in orientation.  I was unable to bring the fairy into focus-not sure what I should have done. 

I find it very interesting that composition covers  so many different forms  yet has many of the same principles.  
Are you a composer? What are some of the compositions that you are creating?


  1. I like all the pictures, but the last best. So interesting! Need to play with my camera at some point too!

  2. Now that's just cool. I'm a visual learner and you just taught me something! Yay!
    Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

  3. Oh! I love your photo lessons, Barb.

    That's an adorable lamp, too. I like the close-up of the fairy with the rosy lamplight in the background.

  4. I love photography. Wish I had more time to put together some "compositions!" Thanks for the lesson!

  5. Ooh, great composition composition! :-) I love to read your informative posts. I learn something from each of them! For the shot with the bamboo in it, did you use auto focus or manual? Tripod or hand-held? What was your aperture setting? All of those could affect the ability to have the elf be in focus along with the other elements. I still don't get the aperture stuff right a lot of the time, but love to keep shooting and learning!

  6. I also love the lamp in your photos!

  7. Beautifully written and demonstrated. Love the lamp!

  8. Your lamp is very lovely, I love the fairy on the swing. Beautiful shots of it.

  9. I love your lamp and the fairy on the swing is very sweet. Lovely shots!!!

  10. I'm just going to be honest here... photographers amaze me. There's so much that's involved. Thanks for explaining composition in layman's terms!

  11. Thanks all for the positive feedback. I really enjoy sharing what I'm learning about photography.

    Shelley, the camera was set to auto everything and was hand-held.

  12. Hi Barb! Isn't it fun to learn new things, then take your time and successfully try out on something in your environment? I LOVE your lamp, and compositions! This is a very helpful lesson for me, and I look forward to giving it a try. You are truly an inspiration. I look forward to seeing you in our next class!

  13. As I was reading, it occurred to me that the we--the Body of Christ--also form a composition. That would make for a neat devotional, Ms. Barbie. (hint, hint)

    And your photography is beautiful.

  14. I love your posts--I'm learning as I read and enjoying your shots! =]

    This time: the branch acting as orientation or grounding. So cool! Makes sense.

    Such a cool lamp and sweet sweet shots of it! =]


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