Tuesday, January 31, 2012

D is for DOLPHINS!

This past November, when family from  Colorado was visiting, we went on a whale-watching cruise and saw lots of DOLPHINS

My niece, her husband, their 3 little girls and I had first spent the morning at "The Aquarium of the Pacific" in Long Beach. On a whim, we decided to take the 3-hour tour that went out at 3:00PM. It was a gorgeous day, but with a bit of wind beginning to pick up. 

As we motored out into the open sea, it was exciting to view all the sights in the marina. We passed by the retired cruise ship The Queen Mary, a small light house, oil refineries, and SeaPort Village.                                                                                                                                  
The kids had never been on a boat and were having a grand time. So was I! This was heaven for me. As we got out to open water, someone  yelled out Dolphin!  Sure enough, there was a large pod of them swimming in the wake of the boat!
                                                                    I was just as excited as my 6 year old grandniece, Sammi!

After about an hour and half into the cruise, it became quite windy and chilly, which made for some very choppy waves. People were getting sea sick; my niece included. Sammi and I were fine and having fun, but getting tired. We went into the cabin to rest and that's when we missed seeing the juvenile gray whales, but by then was too tired and did not care!Besides, I was thrilled with seeing all the dolphins so it didn't matter.

I have a fantasy to swim with dolphins. Perhaps someday I shall be able to do so!

        Have you ever had the opportunity to swim with these lovely creatures?


  1. Great shots! I've never had an opportunity to swim with the dolphins, but I've heard there is a hotel on the Big Island in Hawaii where you can swim with them.

  2. SOOO cool, Barb! Someday I'd like to do that. =]

  3. VERY cool. Have never swam with dolphins, but I once had a nurse shark on my lap.

    Beautiful pictures.

  4. Just love your photo and your D word. What life and fun dolphins are!

  5. Love this! Dolphins are such wonderful creatures. I have seen them as well as dahls porpoises, orcas and gray whales in the wild. Also, when I was about ten I went on a field trip to the aquarium. Since it was a small group we got to pat / pet the dolphin and orca. Your post did remind me of an octopus story I might have to share for O, though! :-) I have never had the chance to swim with dolphins but would LOVE to!

  6. Such awesome pictures and great experience!

  7. I don't know if I could do it. The last time I SAW a dolphin (N.C.) I thought it was a shark and completely freaked out. Cool that you could share that with your Colorado family!


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