Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is day 1 of the "Finding My Eye" online photography course I'm taking.

I am instructed to answer the following questions:

Why do I take photos?
What draws me to photography?
What are my motivations?
What keeps me excited and interested?

Why do I take photos? I've had to think hard on these questions and still unsure of the answer. I've always enjoyed taking pictures since I was a young adult. I loved capturing the activities that I was involved in. I had no children of my own, but  did have a niece and nephews, so enjoyed photographing their cuteness! I've always been aware of the beauty of nature, and would note small things others would miss. I've seen how the wind will shake spring blossoms from the tree and they drift down like a gentle snowfall. I've seen early morning sunlight glint off the dew-coated grass of a large field. I've seen a field of wheat dance in the wind as the sky was heavy with dark clouds. All were such stunning pictures in my eye. I wanted to capture that beauty; the joy I felt observing the scene. It's only been in the last few months that I've taken the next step in my desire to learn photography, yet I still cannot say why I do it.

What draws me to photography? As noted above, the simple things in creation attract my attention. It's becoming an obsession- everything I see is a potential photo! I'm driving and note a vignette and think: "That would make a nice picture." (Rarely do I stop and do so.) I'm drawn to bold colors and interesting shapes.
I appreciate incongruence in a scene. What I mean is, something in the setting that is unusual for the scene. For example, after a hard rain last month, our local mountains were snow capped. I liked how the palm trees stood out against the frosted peaks and blue sky.

What are my motivations? Because I enjoy it? Good question. I'm still trying to figure that out!

What keeps me excited and interested? So just why am I spending time and money to learn this stuff? I still need to dwell on this. I will come back and add answers when I get them! 


  1. Hello Barbara, you seem to have explained very well why you take photographs!

    I really like the striking shot of the palm tree against the mountains.

    Before now, I've never even asked myself why I enjoy photography, so this exercise of Kat's was an interesting one for us all.

  2. Hi, I liked your description of some of the things that catch your eye, and you example of incongruence. The palm tree with the mountains behind is eye catching. I saw something like that when we were traveling through Palm Springs a couple of years ago. I look forward to taking this journey with you.

  3. You explained really well what you like about photography - I think you have your answers! Maybe you need to believe that what you feel is enough. It doesn't have to be any crazier or more specific than what you have written about. It's what matters to you. As you continue on your Find Your Eye journey, I think you will ease into the answer and one day you will realize - hey, I do know this!! (Love the contrast of the palm tree and mountains too!)

  4. Great stuff, Barb! Looking forward to hearing as your questions are answered.

  5. So excited for you Ms. Barbie!!! What a fun and fulfilling time I foresee for you!

  6. I enjoyed your descriptions of nature, they reminded me of the Haiku that I've been reading. So you definitely have an artist's eye for observation! The contrast of the palm and snow dusted mnts is wonderful. I look forward to hearing more from you as you define your vision.

  7. I think you're the first one who mentioned the appeal of the incongruent. Thank you. That dark palm shape is quite striking against the sunlit mountain, quite a few interesting contrasts in this photo. By the way, I also really enjoyed reading through your post on exploring lighting conditions.

  8. you have great reasons for why you love phtography, looking forward to seeing more of yur images!

  9. I really like your responses. I find myself looking at things, like scenery, differently now and what would make a nice picture.
    I really like your picture of the palm trees against the mountains - very striking!

  10. Thanks for your responses- they are greatly appreciated!

  11. Your palm tree pic--I love it. Recently I've been struck by how the answers are often in the simple, easy statements that we make. Enjoy your FYE journey...relax and have fun playing.


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