Thursday, January 19, 2012



Last week, one of the assignments was to take my favorite photographs and organize them into an "Inspiration File" This week, I was to study the photos and determine a common theme as to what makes the picture a favorite. Suggested choices were:
 Subject and location
 Elements of design (space, lines, color, shape, texture, and form value)
Use or absence of color
Message and emotion.

I had a running theme through the 24 photos in my file-the first being color, followed by texture, lines, and lighting. I was aware that I was attracted to bold colors, but had not noticed the textures and lines before. As these traits are listed above as elements of design,I wanted to study what that meant. What  I learned is that

Elements of Design are the foundations steps in works of art.
Color-Depends on how the light hits the objects.
Lines-Continuous movement of a point in the photo. Can be straight, wavy, curly, etc.
Texture-Perception of being able to feel the surface
Shape-Area that has a boundary
Space-Perception of height, width and depth
Value-relationship between light and dark on the subject or surface projecting depth and perception. Also known as tone.

Here are some of my favorite photos and my thoughts on why I like them
This photo of the orange lilies was from a point and shoot camera. I really like it because it feels like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting. I learned that the blur was probably due to shaking the camera in the close up. 

It was a very blustery day when this photo was taken and the sky really was that color. It was cold and about ready to storm. I like the heaviness of the clouds, but I'm not seeing movement in the trees.

I live near an airport and sometimes, the planes reverse course, flying low across my neighborhood. I never tire of seeing these big machines. I  like the crisp color of the sky, the texture on the mountains and the lines on the jet.

I never realized that a Lantana flower had so many different shapes within it! I love the colors and shapes.

The photo of the fish above, taken at The Aquarium of the Pacific,  seems to cover all my preferences- bold color, texture of the water, use of light and lines.

This was a fun assignment and now eager to expand on what I've learned!


  1. Gorgeous pictures - and I love hearing about your like of them (that's not a very good sentence lOL). Thanks.

  2. What an interesting array of photos, all so different. I love the first water shot, it looks as if that top fish is outside of the water trying to get in! The brewing storm with the amazing clouds looks like an image for the words: "the calm before the storm"!

    Lantana are beautiful little flowers and their shapes and colour variations are amazing, you have captured both these things here.

  3. Hi Barb,
    Nice work diving right into the elements of design. Your photograph of the roiling clouds and the still palm tree is very strong. I like your colours too.

  4. A lovely varied collection of pictures here - I love all the strong colours.

  5. All of your images are such varied images of nature. Each wonderful in its own way.

  6. Love your photos, especially the palm trees and the amazing clouds, very artistic :)

  7. lovely vibrant images. I can see movement in those trees & WOW arn't those clouds dramatic!! i enjoyed your post :)

  8. Hi Barb - First, I love how you gave such exact descriptions for the adjectives we are learning how to assign to our photos! That is so helpful. The water picture is so full of elements with light, lines and texture. But that cloud and tree picture is amazing! What a very nice post!

  9. Thank you all for the nice compliments! Makes me feel happy!

  10. I love the Aquarium picture. That's an amazing aquarium shot - it looks like you're in the tank with the fish! I also love the shot of the clouds and trees. I think the stillness of the trees is what creates the sense of impending storm and makes the movement of the clouds more visible. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Hi Barbara, Your photo taken at the aquarium is very cool and I concure with everyone else, I love the clouds and the palm tree. I noticed that you have palm trees and mountains where you live - it must be beautiful!

  12. You are doing such great work, Barb! Love the moodiness in the palm tree pic.

  13. Oh Barb!! Those are gorgeous! Love them! The color and texture. So cool! That lantana--wow!


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