Tuesday, February 21, 2012

G is for GOOD & PLENTY

I rarely indulge in candy but once in awhile, I have a craving for these lovely pink and white capsules of licorice!

This candy must have been around for many years because I can still remember a commercial jingle from my childhood!

 "Charlie says 'love that Good and Plenty',
 Charlie says 'Love to ring that bell!' 
Charlie says 'Love that Good and Plenty; 
 It's the only candy  that I love so well!'"

Okay, I just found the commercial on YouTube and I hear that I got the words wrong. Oops! But hey, you know how a child can misinterpret something! Bet you have some funny memory bloopers too!


Anyway, I saw this candy at store when I was out photographing at a mall last night, and thought would be a fun "G" post!

Wish I had a box of Good & Plenty at the moment!

                        "It's only one of the types of candy that I love so well!"


  1. Good and Plenty IS good! Fun post!

  2. Nice memory from childhood, I like your focus.

  3. LOVE Good & Plenty! Especially love that no one else in my household likes them, so I don't have to share! :)

  4. This IS a fun post. Brings back lots of delicious memories.

  5. Ahh...childhood memories. I still love Good & Plenty!

  6. Thanks for the memory. I loved that commercial. My husband would love the Good & Plenty, he's the black licorice fan.


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