Thursday, February 9, 2012


The assignment this week was to visit an art gallery and to get a feel of how I connect with other types of artists. I was unable to get to a showing, so I explored the masters of long ago, via the internet!

Years ago, when I had an art appreciation class in college, I become acquainted with many of the names of those masters, and grew to appreciate Impressionistic art. I loved the colors and inflection of light, and so was hoping that perhaps my style was along those lines of Claude Monet.
This is me and my 10 year old niece in 1993.
We were pretending to be Victorian ladies and
 I asked a passerby to take our picture.
 It was late afternoon and I loved the way the photo turned out!

Early Impressionistic art  used compositions of light, unique mixtures of bold colors  and the allusion of movement to capture the scene. Artist who worked in the Impressionistic style painted their perception of the scene and accentuated the colors rather than the details.

As I did a study of other artists, I sensed that post-impressionism may be more my style.  These painters were more focused on color and form and used thick layers of paint; creating areas saturated with dots of  intense colors, much like the digital pixels known today. I found paintings from Vincent Van Gogh that were quite similar to photos that I've taken over the past year.

My photo is a close-up of silk sunflowers that I have gathered in a basket.
When  I first  saw this photo on my computer,  Van Gogh's Irises immediately came to mind!         

 I am really amazed  at the similarities in these two photos.

 This one may be a stretch...but the reflections are similar!

This has been an incredible experience. I never would have even considered that I could relate to the artists of another era! It's all very overwhelming.


  1. A great idea to explore painters on the internet when you can't get to a museum.

    I liked the way you found similarities between the photos you like to take and some of the paintings you enjoy and that Van Gogh is a painter whose style you appreciate because of his bold use of colour.

    I can't look back to your posting without cutting myself off the comment, so I will end up by saying that I have enjoyed your experience and noticing how you are influenced by the type of paintings you enjoy looking at!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What fun! You truly are an artist!

  3. So VERY cool! There ARE striking similarities! Wow :)

  4. What a wonderful experience! You made the most of your time Barb, with amazing result. I'm impressed with the parallels you found in your work. Isn't it cool to see how you can relate your work to that of other artists? Keep watching for what catches your eye in other artist's work - and see how that shows up in yours! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Barb, this is a fabulous post comparing your photo work with the older artists! How fantastic that you have such exciting similarities. So very impressive!! All of your photos shown are extremely wonderful, and worthy to be professionally printed and framed. You have inspired me to look deeper into my style. I haven't had a chance to go to a gallery, but hope to next week. Excellent!!

  6. Hi Barb,
    I'm a huge fan of the French Impressionist's paintings also. Have you looked at work by the American Impressionists? Painters such as Benson, Twachtman, Metcalf, etc.
    I like how you've found examples of your own work that relate to specific paintings. Painters and photographers see through the same eyes, don't they?!

  7. wow there your similarities are so close to those in the paintings, you did great work with this exercise. i really enjoyed it!


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