Saturday, February 11, 2012


                                        This week's  photography class assignment was  to take photos of a subject that I generally do not photograph. Most of my photos seem to be from nature- plants, the sky, ocean/water, animals, and rarely do I take pictures of people. That's mainly because I feel like I'm invading their privacy. I also overlook photographing architectural  structures, or sculptures, even though I often see their beauty.

Today, I went on on outing to the Sam Maloof Museum and gardens, here in my own community. He was a well-known master wood worker who created exquisite pieces of furniture. I was free to photograph anything outside, but indoors photos were not permitted.

I took many shots of the home that he hand built, but could not help it -nature objects still managed to get into the picture! It was an overcast day, with occasional brilliant bursts of sunlight. The rain started when I was doing the museum tour and no longer had my camera with me. I noticed how different things looked when wet.

I like how it appears like the cloud is casting light upon the building and that's exactly what caught my attention to this scene.

I later learned that I was on the property of a private residence- the home where Sam Maloof's widow now lives.  The sign "Private residence" was written on the other side of this gate. I hope she didn't mind too much...

This gateway led to the original homestead of the Maloof's.

 The rooftops had weather vanes and this bell

    This was another entrance to the private home. How beautiful the woodworking.

I really enjoyed this day, and may go back in a month or so, when even more trees will be in bloom. I also want to capture more detailed pictures of the buildings and their masterful craftsmanship. 

This assignment was not difficult, even though my main study was different for me. I still managed to capture a lot of nature, and several pieces of sculpture that I did not share here. I had fun!


  1. Just love the gate pictures - interesting stuff, Barb!

  2. Hi Barb, wow you really found an unusual place to capture many wonderful things1 I especially love your photos 2,3,and 4, with the gate being a fave. Along with the beauty in the wood, and craftsmanship, the nature surrounding everything, you found history. What a special place. I hope you share your next visit photos when the leaves and flowers are in bloom. I would love to see them.

  3. Barb, these are lovely images of a very special place. I'm so glad you took some of the inner sanctum so I could see it I love the way you've framed the inner courtyard with the unusual gate. Also I like the way you've framed the bell with the pine branches. I think my favorite though is the golden light on the arbour and wall with the dark sky after the rain.

  4. I like those gate pictures in natural wood and the one of the bell surrounded by vegetation.

    This has been a fun shoot for everyone, hasn't it?

  5. I love that second picture Barb! The light on that building and the contrast with the plants and sky is beautiful. What a great place to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Fun to see your normal subjects incorporated in new ways.

  6. I really like the picture of the sun on the building. I realize how important sun or light on a subject is to me. This looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  7. What a beatiful place to take pictures. So many lovely aspects to it. You have handled them all very well. I really like how you have used the different light sources on the pictures.

  8. what a great place for a shoot, i really love the picture of the trees with the sky in the backgroud, the light is beautiful!

  9. Hi Barb,
    Looks like you had a very successful shoot and an interesting subject! My favorite is the second capture! Such beautiful light, wonderful composition, and flowers in bloom :) Lovely!


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