Saturday, February 18, 2012


The most recent lesson in the "Finding your Eye" photography course I'm taking involved shooting pictures in a light source that was different from what I normally use. That was easy to figure out, as all my photos tend to be shot during the day; therefore, evening or night shots was the assignment challenge for me. 

This brought me out of my comfort zone because I don't particularly care to go out at night. I don't see as well, and have no one to go with me. But I did it. 
Tonight, I went to an outdoor mall and was there just after sunset-the blue hour. 

This shopping mall has a water feature utilizing several ports of spouting water 
illuminated by colored lights. During the summer, water shoots upward to 6 feet and dances to canned music. Tonight, the fountains never went over a foot, though they did dance to a live band playing on a nearby stage. Kids love to play in this water, and even on this chilly evening, kids and youth alike were attracted to the colorful jets of water. 

Notice the group of young people in the background of the photo on the left? They were celebrating a quinceanera, and the girl of  honor wore a turquoise dress and looked like a princess. Some of the guys in the group had matching vests. They all looked very sharp.
The grouped moved over to the right and suddenly, began performing an impromptu dance!  Not sure what is was, but the movements were slow, the girls were spun around and partners were changed. At the time, I was experimenting with shutter speed on the water spouts, but I started clicking away at the dancers.(This is as close to a flash mob I've ever been!)

Even dogs enjoyed running through the lights! 

And below is another water fountain that sports a flame at the top!

One of my favorite stores! I liked the coloring and the cheerful lights     

I had been shooting picture for less than an hour, when two security guards informed me that the mall owners do not allow photographing unless someone is in the picture. Supposedly, there were signs around informing of the rule, but I never noticed them. I apologized and was on my way. I had plenty of pictures to work from so it was okay.

I bet going to someplace like a carnival or fair at night would be fun- so many colors and shapes to capture. I did enjoy this adventure-especially the dancers! Will definitely do it again somewhere else at another time. Thanks Kat for the prod to explore new areas!


  1. What fun all your illuminated night photos. There was quite an atmosphere going on there! I love the saturated colours and the midnight blue sky. I'm glad that you weren't arrested for illicit photo taking! LOL!
    A colourful and vibrant photo shoot. I loved all the illuminated figures and the movements so well captured in the dancing and twirling skirts.

  2. Wow, your second photo looks like a postcard! I just love the movement you captured of the dancers, just wonderful ;)

  3. So you were a rebel and didn't know it! ;) LOVE the movement in the dancing pictures, and I'm glad you enjoyed your photo shoot! I certainly enjoyed the photos!

  4. This looks so much fun - i especially love the dancing figures - the blue sky is also wonderful

  5. How fun! That fountain is a wonderful subject to photograph, and lucky you with the group of dancing people to happen by as well. It sounds like you had a great time, and even managed to survive the dreaded "please do not photograph here" with grace. I'm glad that the blue hour and night photography has been opened up for you with this exercise.

  6. What a great, spontaneous photo opportunity and you captured it beautifully. the light on the buildings is gorgeous...the dancing is wonderful. Once again, I am so impressed and inspired by your photos. thanks Gail

  7. Oh, how fun to see the action of the dancers, and the lights. I'm chuckling about the no photography though. I had my roll of film confiscated once for not reading the posted "warning"!! These are amazing night action pictures. Love the twirling skirts. Great job Barb!

  8. I love these photos...what a spontaneous photo opportunity...and you captured it beautifully. Thanks Gail

  9. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I was so intrigued by your photos. They are truly beautiful. I do hope you get to do this again.

  10. Gorgeous captures Barbara! The deep blue of the night sky, the colorful lights, and the dancers. It all looks so magical. Just think what you would have missed had you not gone out. Thanks for sharing these with us.


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