Wednesday, March 28, 2012

L is for Love

When I  was a teenager,  I was full of hope that my future would involve the love of a husband. I had a boyfriend, and our relationship spurred on my girlish dreams of marriage and family. I liked to write poetry in those days and they were really bad poems. But hey, they were heartfelt! Go ahead and laugh!


                                  Love is in the Air
                      Cotton candy clouds, sapphire sky;
                              There we sat;him and I.

                       Babbling brook, humming bees,
                            Twittering birds in the trees.

                           Hand in hand, face to face,
                      Forgetting about the human race.

                        Together watching a water fall
                         Form a clear frothy liquid wall.

                  Two little fishes swimming around
                     For each other, they are bound.

                              Love, love in the air...
                         Love, love is everywhere!


Way up far, on top of a hill
Stood you and me; quiet and still.

We were alone; watching the sky...
It was beautiful; just you and I.

Yellow, orange, pink then red;
   The weary sun on its' way to bed.

  The sun disappearing, our thought do turn
  To each other our hearts begin to churn.

  Alone, except for birds and things,
 my soul eternally sings.

You are there, I am there
and God is everywhere!

So happy, so nice, so enchanting, so alone
I never ever want to go home!

Our relationship did not last, and as life happens, I've never found romantic love. Generally, I've accepted that status as God's Will for me life, but sometimes I long for a companion.

 Sorry...been reading too many of those Inspirational Romance stories.

Monday, March 19, 2012

K is for Kite!

This week, for the blog meme started my Patty Wysong, we are covering the letter "K."

In the early 1960's, when my brother and I were young, we made kites out of left over Christmas wrapping paper! That was the easy part. It was more difficult figuring out how to balance the kite with the tail, using old rags Mom gave us.

Then we'd go outside, and let her soar up into the March winds.

The kite did not last long because the thin wrapping paper would easily tear; but the activity is still a happy memory for me! 

Here are simple directions to build your own kite. Have fun!

To get you into the mood, here is a  joyful song from the ending of Mary Poppins-"Let's Go Fly a Kite"

Monday, March 12, 2012

J is for JEWELRY

I like jewelry!
Mainly necklaces and earrings, though I will wear an occasional  ring or bracelet.

I have numerous necklaces but my jewelry armoire is too small to contain all of them, so a few months ago I was brainstorming on  novel ways to showcase my more attractive pieces. 

I had an unused cork board on hand and a light bulb went off.  I attached it to the wall and inserted pins with colored plastic heads at staggered intervals and dangled my necklaces on each pin. Ta da- instant functional art!

It's really nice to see at a glance which necklace I want to wear each time! I also have a few photos pinned on at the bottom, but removed them for this photo.
 I have a smaller board, too, with the more delicate chains- and still have a full jewelry chest!

                                                      You should try this!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I is for Iridescent

Sometimes when I pick up a  music or document CD, I get side-tracked looking at the rainbow of lights jumping off the playing side of the disc.  I  swivel it around and become mesmerized by the flashes of neon colors emanating from it's grooves.

  Since recently studying about photography,  I've thought that it would be cool to go outside and photograph a few CDs with the sun bouncing off the silvery surface to see if I can capture with my camera the iridescence I see with my eyes! 

These pictures are straight out of the camera- no editing done to change color  or cropping in closer.  Did notice that the CDs were dusty....oops.

Should have moved my finger out of the way, but I still like this one. Also, you can see the camera lens in the reflection!

This was a fun experiment  to see psychedelic colors in iridescence!