Sunday, March 4, 2012

I is for Iridescent

Sometimes when I pick up a  music or document CD, I get side-tracked looking at the rainbow of lights jumping off the playing side of the disc.  I  swivel it around and become mesmerized by the flashes of neon colors emanating from it's grooves.

  Since recently studying about photography,  I've thought that it would be cool to go outside and photograph a few CDs with the sun bouncing off the silvery surface to see if I can capture with my camera the iridescence I see with my eyes! 

These pictures are straight out of the camera- no editing done to change color  or cropping in closer.  Did notice that the CDs were dusty....oops.

Should have moved my finger out of the way, but I still like this one. Also, you can see the camera lens in the reflection!

This was a fun experiment  to see psychedelic colors in iridescence!  


  1. Sooo beautiful, Barb. I LOVE how you see things like this in the ordinary.

  2. They are so beautiful. I'll have to take time to look at the CD's before playing them.

  3. Beautiful! Things like this make me want to figure out ways to put all those old CDs to use again!

    1. Thank you!I considered hanging them at different heights but did not feel that ambitious!

  4. Excellent application of the word!


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