Wednesday, March 28, 2012

L is for Love

When I  was a teenager,  I was full of hope that my future would involve the love of a husband. I had a boyfriend, and our relationship spurred on my girlish dreams of marriage and family. I liked to write poetry in those days and they were really bad poems. But hey, they were heartfelt! Go ahead and laugh!


                                  Love is in the Air
                      Cotton candy clouds, sapphire sky;
                              There we sat;him and I.

                       Babbling brook, humming bees,
                            Twittering birds in the trees.

                           Hand in hand, face to face,
                      Forgetting about the human race.

                        Together watching a water fall
                         Form a clear frothy liquid wall.

                  Two little fishes swimming around
                     For each other, they are bound.

                              Love, love in the air...
                         Love, love is everywhere!


Way up far, on top of a hill
Stood you and me; quiet and still.

We were alone; watching the sky...
It was beautiful; just you and I.

Yellow, orange, pink then red;
   The weary sun on its' way to bed.

  The sun disappearing, our thought do turn
  To each other our hearts begin to churn.

  Alone, except for birds and things,
 my soul eternally sings.

You are there, I am there
and God is everywhere!

So happy, so nice, so enchanting, so alone
I never ever want to go home!

Our relationship did not last, and as life happens, I've never found romantic love. Generally, I've accepted that status as God's Will for me life, but sometimes I long for a companion.

 Sorry...been reading too many of those Inspirational Romance stories.


  1. Aww - they're cute! Praying for ya.

    1. Awww Joanne, I can always count on you to read and comment on my blog! Thank you! :)

  2. Sweet poetry, lifting you up into His everlasting arms!

    1. Thank you,Niki, I'm okay and have given up attempts at poetry!

  3. I liked them. I'm praying that you will have peace. (((hugs)))

    1. Thanks, Yvonne- I feel a bit of melancholy after reading those Inspirational Love stories;yet keep reading them. Go figure!

  4. Sweet poems, Barb. I love the innocence flowing through them.


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