Sunday, April 29, 2012

P is for Pinwheel

I've always loved pinwheels! 

Their simple beauty and the thrill of seeing them spin upon a breath of air still delights me today!

I remember a time, when Sammi was about 6 months old, I accompanied her and mama to the beach, along with  several other friends with babies of the same age. On impulse, I brought several colorful pinwheels and planted them in the sand; spaced out between the group. When the wind blew, the pinwheels put on their show! 
For me, it was magical! I believe Sammi was impressed too!

Have you ever made a pinwheel? Here are easy instructions. Give it a try!

Pinwheels are fairly simple to make, and you can use most any type of paper

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  1. Fun! LOVE pinwheels, and I may have to give that site a try for my kids.


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