Tuesday, May 8, 2012

R is for Roller Coasters

When my niece, Stephanie, and her family came to California for a visit this past November, we had a wonderful outing at Disneyland! My beloved grandniece was just a few weeks away from turning 6 and had  not yet experienced the thrill of a roller coaster ride and she wanted to go on one with me, her beloved "Barbie"

 We planned for months in advanced to get her mentally prepared for the event. She viewed photos and videos of the available coasters and was  eager to go for it. On the actual day, I believe I was more excited than she was! Samantha was distracted by Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Princess Aurora and Cinderella who were mingling with star-struck kids. We finally made it to "Toon Town" where there was a good size roller coaster made for kids. I told Sammi it was okay to scream, because it made the ride more fun! We did...and it did!

The second roller coaster we went on was Thunder Mountain over in "Frontier Land." The ride is fast and has some sharp turns. I loved it; Sammi did too, and we rode it twice!

It was late afternoon when everyone was getting tired, but Sammi's Daddy wanted to try the big roller coaster- Space Mountain in "Tomorrow Land" The ride was totally dark and involved laser lights- a really cool experience -and the ride was FAST! My little lady loved that ride and wanted to do it again! 

             The photo below is a page from the digital scrapbook I made for Sammi.

     Sammi so enjoyed the roller coaster rides! It was an extra thrill for me, too, watching her delight!

My niece and her family live in another state so I don't get to routinely experience these fun things with the kids, but when we have the opportunity, we do the best we can with the time we have!

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  1. FUN! What delightful memories in the making! Love this story!


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