Monday, May 28, 2012

U is for Unique Sighting

A couple of months ago, there was a lot of hoopla regarding the transport of a massive rock from a nearby city. The 340 ton  boulder was on a convoy toward the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to be part of a display called "Gravitating Mass." It was in all the local news of how this would happen and the circuitous route needed to take in order to avoid overpasses and other obstacles. I had hoped I would get to see it, but did not plan to go out of my way to achieve this.

The rock and it's entourage traveled at night when there was less traffic, and had scheduled daytime stops. So, on that particular Thursday morning, I headed off to work and started to make a left turn onto a street I routinely travel. I noticed a lot of parked cars and heavy equipment where there is usually none, and then it dawned on me- the ROCK! 

There it was! A humongous white shrink-wrapped boulder nestled into a red mobile contraption that was called the transporter. I did an impatient U-turn in the unusually heavy traffic and parked alongside the normally vacant lot, as were other curious visitors. Not being on a time constraint, I was able to spend time there and happened to have my good camera with me, so began snapping pictures. I noticed local newspaper reporters were doing interviews and I kind of felt like I was also there on official  business. 
Note it's massive size by seeing the car to the left of the rock!

The placement of person to the left puts into perspective the enormity of the rock.

For all the information about this project:

This is a short video taken the night the rock began its' journey:

It's not everyday, if ever, that one can observe something like this! I'm sure that the soon to be opening museum display will be anti-climatic, considering the effort it took to get the rock there! (Thought I just read that the entrance to the museum will be free to persons residing in the zip code of the transport route!)  
It was exciting to be a part of the history and to observe this very unusual, one-of-a-kind event!


  1. I like the comparison to the car. Great shots!

  2. Oh my goodness!! That thing is massive!! It looked big compared to the car and the van, but the shot with the man? WOW!! So cool you got to see it and get pictures! =]

    Miss you!!

  3. Wow, that is huge. How cool that God sent you just at the right time and place to see it. What is the significance of the rock? I guess I'll have to look at the link.

    Oh, I'm finally back to blogging again, too. Check out mine for lots of stories and pictures from our trip back east.


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