Thursday, October 31, 2013

O is for "Oh Fortuna"

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Many of you already know that I like classical music. I'm not really educated in it, but still enjoy its' beauty and timelessness. There are many pieces that I really love and can name- such as Bolero and Clair De  Lune. Then there are other tunes I enjoy but don't know the title. Today, I learned the name of one such piece, and it happens to start with the letter "O"-this week's alphabet meme!                                                           
 The song is called Oh Fortuna.
This piece originated as a medieval poem and is basically a lament about fate and fortune in Roman mythology. It was set to music in 1935 by a German composer named Carl Orff, and  was a movement of a cantata called " Carmina Burana"  I like it because it starts off so soft but then builds to an exciting climax, followed by a softening of the voices and an abrupt ending.
 It would seem that singing this would be exhausting! But the singers all seem to be very poised, whereas the conductor is physically into the music!
 I bet this would be awesome to hear in person.
What do you think- have you heard this before- perhaps in parody on the internet?  


  1. Cool. I like some classical too, but have trouble remembering who they are by.


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