Friday, January 17, 2014

Z is for Zodiac

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When I was in grade school, a school mate came to class with a  cool looking medallion hanging around her neck.  The story was that her father formed it out of an old gold colored door knob. It had interesting designs in a circle formation and I thought it so beautiful and so I asked her to make one for me! She did and I proudly wore that piece for quite awhile. I had no idea that the designs were actually signs of the zodiac. I was raised Christian and routinely went to church, but never knew what the symbols stood for. I have no recollection as to when I became aware of their meanings, but  know I eventually threw away that medallion.

I'm not educated in the scientific meaning of the zodiac, but I know it's used in astronomy as well as in astrology. However, astrology is of the occult, and a dangerous realm for anyone to play around with. It was during the 1960's that I received that medallion and I had no idea of what the occult was all about. I do feel that God protected me. In high school, I remember trying out an ouigi board, though I knew it was not something a Christian should be toying with. I was playing with a friend, and really thought it was all silliness. I asked about a certain boy I had a crush on, and if I would ever marry. There were no answers coming out of the experience and I felt foolish. I also played with an 8 ball, but knew that was more foolishness.

I'm not conscientious of occultic issues in my every day life, but I know it's out there. I'm wondering if children can be so innocently pulled into it such as when I admired a peer's fancy medallion?  That's scary!  When I 'innocently' read the horoscope for my birth month, am I allowing satanic forces to enter into my mind? 

                                What do you think?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Y is for YIKES!

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Last February, my work computer crashed. I used a laptop and that's where I had all my reports, client assessments, and other on-going documentation. I had not recently backed them up. I had the hard copies, but spent many hours re-creating everything back into the computer. I learned my lesson and now back everything up as I go.

Well, at least I thought I learned my lesson, but in regards to my personal computer, I did not. On my laptop, I had a digital scrap booking program with a lot of expensive software. I also had a photo storage program with hundreds of photos. I've had a nudging in my brain to back up my more recent photos (Meaning from last April to the present) but I did not do it. I should have followed my gut feeling.

I began having problems with Facebook last weekend. I could not retrieve notifications, open videos or even load the chatbox. Reports to Facebook were ignored. So, on Monday, I thought that by "refreshing" my computer, I might fix what ails the thing.  It did resolve the issue on Facebook. I did not know that to refresh meant restore to original condition and that I would lose any programs uploaded since then. Gone was my Creative Memories programs, my anti-viral software, and my connection to the printer.

This is a new laptop, and my old one was still working with most of the photos in there, so when I get around to dealing with it, should be able to get the photos back.  Even if I re-download the software, it will be useless because the company that ran the software, Creative Memories, is now defunct, and no longer providing support.  I cannot re-activate and it would remained locked out for use.

It's time to get new photo-editing and storage programs. I need to research to see what other types of digital scrap booking are available. I was true to Creative Memories for the past 11 years or so.

Lesson re-learned. Back it up! Routinely back all of it up! Follow your instincts- don't procrastinate, or you will be sorry. I know I am.

Friday, January 3, 2014

X is for Xerxes

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I love the Biblical book of Esther!                          
 I appreciate how a woman who was just a commoner became a hero for her people. Not only was she outwardly beautiful, she also followed God's lead with tact and common sense. To me, King Xerxes seemed to lack social skills, and wanted people to perform at his whim. He seemed to come off as arrogant. Esther became his queen and she used her skills and relationship with God to save the lives of the Jewish people. Eventually, as a result of Queen Esther's perseverance, Xerxes became an advocate for them and was honored throughout his land. However, It would be interesting to know how he actually treated Esther after the story we know of was completed. Was he kind to her? Did he love her more, or was she a mere servant for his pleasure?

We may never know, but I am curious! Are you?