Friday, January 17, 2014

Z is for Zodiac

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When I was in grade school, a school mate came to class with a  cool looking medallion hanging around her neck.  The story was that her father formed it out of an old gold colored door knob. It had interesting designs in a circle formation and I thought it so beautiful and so I asked her to make one for me! She did and I proudly wore that piece for quite awhile. I had no idea that the designs were actually signs of the zodiac. I was raised Christian and routinely went to church, but never knew what the symbols stood for. I have no recollection as to when I became aware of their meanings, but  know I eventually threw away that medallion.

I'm not educated in the scientific meaning of the zodiac, but I know it's used in astronomy as well as in astrology. However, astrology is of the occult, and a dangerous realm for anyone to play around with. It was during the 1960's that I received that medallion and I had no idea of what the occult was all about. I do feel that God protected me. In high school, I remember trying out an ouigi board, though I knew it was not something a Christian should be toying with. I was playing with a friend, and really thought it was all silliness. I asked about a certain boy I had a crush on, and if I would ever marry. There were no answers coming out of the experience and I felt foolish. I also played with an 8 ball, but knew that was more foolishness.

I'm not conscientious of occultic issues in my every day life, but I know it's out there. I'm wondering if children can be so innocently pulled into it such as when I admired a peer's fancy medallion?  That's scary!  When I 'innocently' read the horoscope for my birth month, am I allowing satanic forces to enter into my mind? 

                                What do you think?